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[NYC] Movie Night! See Steam: controversial, heartwarming, cross-racial, cross-sexual

FenceSitter Films (don't you just LOVE that name?) is proud to announce the opening night party on Thursday, March 19th at 8:00 PM to celebrate the week long run of the critically acclaimed drama Steam at Cinema Village in Manhattan.

Movie Night! See Steam: controversial, heartwarming, cross-racial, cross-sexual"Steam is a movie that is charming, heart-wrenching and heart-warming all at the same time. You'll learn about different cultures, different religious beliefs, different ethnic practices and different sexualities. That it was written and directed by a white guy is all the more surprising.

Kyle Schickner, who wrote and directed "Steam," is also out as bisexual. He's been married, and he's been an activist, and he's done movies that have bi themes in them. "Steam" has a bit of a bi theme too, and it got him in a lot of hot water with some of the PC police (that's "politically correct" for those who missed the '80s.)"


Read more of the Examiner's Mike Szymanski piece "Controversial, heartwarming, cross-racial, cross-sexual movie 'Steam' opens in L.A. and New York" about Steam and then come see the movie and see what YOU think.

Steam, a drama about four very different women stars Oscar nominated Ruby Dee, Ally Sheedy, Chelsea Handler and (out bisexual actress) Kate Siegel, and directed by (out bisexual director) Kyle Schickner will run from March 20th-26th, with a special opening night gala to honor the long career of screen legend Ruby Dee on the evening of Thursday March 19th 2009.

Tickets for the opening night premiere and after party can be purchased online at Seating is limited so don't put it off.

Tickets for the rest of the week long run can be purchased at the Cinema Village box office.

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