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Call For Submission: Bisexual Artists

Bisexual Artists is seeking artists who identify as Bisexual (or with a label inclusive of bisexuality, such as Pansexual, Fluid, Omnisexual, Ambisexual or Queer), to submit paintings, drawings, photographs, prints, or sculptures relating to their experiences of living as a bisexual person. Artist's Palette in bisexual Pride ColoursThis project is an opportunity for artists to represent what being bisexual means to them and to help promote the wide variety of people who are bisexual.

Hangable works will be limited to 8' in height and 6' in length. Sculptures will be limited to a base of 2' by 2', with a height no greater than 8'. Works may be either pre-existing work or work created specifically for the event. There should also be a paragraph description of the content of the work and how it relates to issues of bisexuality, bisexual identities and/or bisexual visibility (no more than 500 words).

Deadline for submissions is August 1st 2009. Please click here for complete information, submission guidelines, etc.

Artists selected for the exhibition will have their work on display in the San Francisco art gallery of Good Vibrations on Polk Street from Thursday October 8th 2009 thru Thursday, November 26th 2009.

many thanks to the good peope at Queers United and binetusa for bringing this to our attention

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