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This is it!!! We've got the dates. We've got the locations. Now all we need it you!!

The 6th Transcending Boundaries Conference (TBC 6), which will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn and the DCU Center in downtown Worcester MA USA on November 20th, 21st and 22nd 2009, focuses attention on issues of importance to the bisexual/fluid/pansexual, queer, transgender/genderqueer, intersexed and polyamorous people and their gay, lesbian and straight friends, families and allies.

6th Transcending Boundaries Conference (TBC6)  Hilton Garden Inn and the DCU Center in downtown Worcester MA USA on November 20th, 21st and 22nd 2009
Transcending Boundaries Conferences were created for all those of us whose sex, gender and/or sexuality don't fit society's usual either/or categories. So if you never felt like you quite fit in then Transcending Boundaries is for you!

Want to know more? Here are two articles and other information to check out:

o Joining Together: Transcending Boundaries Conference Brings a Huge Rainbow to Worcester
o the 2006 Transcending Boundaries Conference - One Report

o Transcending Boundaries Conference: About (includes links to info about previous TBC's)

o 6th Transcending Boundaries Conference (TBC6) on Facebook
o Transcending Boundaries Announce List Yahoo Group
o 6th Transcending Boundaries Conference (TBC6) Myspace page

o 6th Transcending Boundaries Conference (TBC6) Registration Page
o 6th Transcending Boundaries Conference (TBC6) Transportation & Housing

o Amtrack: info for Worcester, MA (WOR)
o Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA) (includes links for Greyhound & Peter Pan Bus Line)

Hope to see you all there!

and don't forget --

o Friday, 14 August 2009 - Bisexual Health Summit: the Bisexual Health Summit is part of the The 2009 National LGBTI Health Summit being held August 14 – 18, 2009 in Chicago IL 2009

o Wednesday, 23 September 2009 - Celebrate Bisexual Pride Day: First observed in 1999, this day is a call for bisexual people and their families, friends and supporters to recognize and celebrate bisexuality, bisexual history, bisexual community and culture, and the bisexual people in their lives.

o Sunday, October 11th 2009 - Bisexual/Fluid/Pansexual & Queer Contingent at the National Equality March Washington DC

o Wednesday February 3rd - Sunday February 7th 2010 - 2010 Creating Change Conference: special Bisexual/Fluid/Pansexual & Queer Institute Thursday 4 February 2010 Dallas TX

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