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[USA]: A bisexual "Rose" blooms on YouTube

Everyone please do come watch the fun new weekly Web TV Series "Rose By Any Other Name . . ." all about modern life, love and manners in which a comfortably out and proud woman who identifies as Lesbian and a nice progressive straight man serendipitously meet and then unexpectedly find themselves falling for each other.

Rose By Any Other Name . . . Episode 3 "Enter the friends . . ."

Many complications ensue, some of which are brought on by each person's ever "helpful" friends. Confusion, hilarity (& some angst) and thoughtfulness ensue as our intrepid and very human protagonists navigate Life In These Times.

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This programming is yet another fabulous and funny entertainment product brought to you by the good people at the amusingly and aptly named FenceSitter Films. A Film and TV Studio founded by Kyle Schickner an out bisexual person with the belief that Movies & TV don't necessarily need straight white men as heroes in order to be successful & entertaining. And also that you can present positive themes that reflect real lives that show the world from a Feminist, Queer and POC's (People of Color) point of view without being pedantic, deadly dull or turning off the mainstream viewing audience.

Quite simply FenceSitter Films really is "Cinema for the rest of us!"

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