November 19th, 2007

Day of Silence (bisexual flag)

a post for both Veteran's Day & Transgender Day of Remembrance

this letter & accompanying article sent to us from the New England LGBT Veterans


Today is Veteran's Day. After what happened in the House Wednesday (ENDA Passes House Without Trans Protections), I don't feel much like wanting to be an American any longer. I'm not even going to march in the Atlanta Veteran's Day Parade with the other GLBT veterans as I planned.

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ransgender people have been in every war, served in every branch of the service, have achieved every rank and have been awarded every medal this country has, including the Congressional Medal of Honour. We have done every job the military has, served in every base, port, ship, drove every vehicle, operated every weapon, flown every aircraft and served in every hospital the American military has. We have done our part to preserve the freedom of everyone in this country. If you ask us, we will tell you that we are veterans first, who just happen to be transgender people. And, we are proud to have served this great country.

Since the mainstream media has seen fit to overlook this important topic we have chosen to X-post this this letter & accompanying article to honour both Veteran's Day/Remembrance Day (November 11th) as well as Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20th). Perhaps you might also wish to do the same and pass it on down the line.

X-Posted with permission from bialogue

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