November 26th, 2007

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[Greater NYC Area]: Seeking Interns for Feminist Sex Media Producer

NYABN is passing this request along for the lovely and talented Brooklyn author and multi-media artist Audacia Ray who is looking for a few good interns! Could one of them be you?

The time has come! After much encouragement from my friends and colleagues, I've decided that it's high time I looked for some interns to assist with my various projects, which are growing rapidly.

Although I'm sure I could keep a single intern busy for many many hours a week, I'm asking for 4-6 hours a week from a few different people to work on a variety of projects. Though these are unpaid internships, there may be a possibility for paid opportunities in the future - and unless otherwise specified you can do the job from anywhere, all it takes is a computer with connection to the internet and a phone. I'm also willing to work with you to get college credit in the spring semester as well if you want to take on more work.

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